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welcome imageMiele Wealth Management is an independent financial services firm specializing in advisory services in Hanover, Pennsylvania. It's founder, James E. Miele, has 20 years of experience in the financial industry in offering well-crafted financial solutions to individuals and small-to-medium sized business owners. The freedom of independence is in not being told which song sheet to play from. This firm has a keen interest in demonstrating recommendations that are always tailored to a client's needs, aspirations, and values -- uniquely theirs and nobody else's.

Both an Art and a Science...

They have yet to invent the perfect investment model to roll out to the masses.  The most likely reason for this is that investment recommendations don't come purely out of statistics.  They do make a nice start.  What goes the rest of the way is an art, borne both of experience and diligence.

Whether I am working with an individual, a corporate retirement plan client, or the Board of a foundation -  it is critical that I view each relationship as a genuine partnership.  Each style of partnership comes with its own disciplines, diligence, and challenges galore.  What never wavers, as it must always be, is my commitment to our collaboration.

...but let's not forget the other side of the ledger

Risk can never be completely eliminated.  However, a diligent adviser will do his or her level best to bring them under their proper light as well as help to mitigate them.  A business owner may well need to consider his or her next phase in life or to plan for what could happen if a business partner falls along the way.  Other businesses may struggle with ways to compensate their best and brightest.  

For the individual or family, there are also many risks to deal with.  The risks to life, limb, property, income, or even their very dignity in life's final stanzas are all universal and well-known.  Perhaps, like in my own home, the planning needs of a Special Child must be carefully reviewed and crafted.  Sadly, all of these are seldom explored to the depth they deserve.  They can be painful conversations, but they may often yield a satisfying degree of certainty.  

So, have a good look around.  I look forward to working with you soon.